Working in Business Development: Racing, reaching out, and more

If multiple open tabs give you the heebie-jeebies, then you will not want to peek at Tehannah’s desktop! The busy Business Development Executive’s (BDE) browser is constantly packed as she searches LinkedIn for new business prospects, utilises TOPdesk’s CRM to contacts current leads, and creates unique content with a video prospecting tool – all in a typical day’s work!

We managed to tempt Tehannah, a University of Kent alumni, away from her busy schedule for a quick chat about what it takes to be a BDE at TOPdesk UK.

Ready, set, go!

“Celsius recruitment introduced me to TOPdesk once I had finished my studies in Business and Management. I was hooked as soon as I learned about the company and knew straight away that the role was a great fit for me. This was in part due to my hobbies outside of work: racing remote control cars!

I’m known within the sales team as the car person and my racing has helped me to develop some key skills which stand me in good stead as a BDE, for example, problem-solving, being goal-orientated, and experience working to deadlines.

In my first few months, these definitely gave me a head start in my role!”

Being a BDE

“A typical day in business development has many different aspects. We spend time working in LinkedIn to find new prospects to contact and start a business relationship with – sometimes we’ll even send a video to these contacts. Then, using our CRM, we work through calling lists to generate new inbound leads, we also use this to follow up on interest from warmer prospects and book in meetings with the inside sales team.

Another facet of the role is the ability to work on and start your own projects – I have lead calling projects to get prospects to attend online webinars and virtual demonstrations. Being a BDE gives you a great variety of opportunities to develop knowledge, soft skills, and work with lots of different types of people.”

Being a BDE gives you a great variety of opportunities to develop knowledge, soft skills, and work with lots of different types of people.”


Copious connections

“In my job, I’m always speaking people. Whether it’s prospects, existing leads, or fellow colleagues from different teams and branches, my network is forever growing!

There’s a huge amount of team spirit within the BDE team. During our weekly morning meetings, we set team targets for calling and leads and we all strive to help each other to reach it! If there’s a prospect question or a question about the TOPdesk solution, a BDE or another member of the sales team are always willing to help.

This team spirit is felt across the TOPdesk community – we work closely with the inside sales team on new and existing prospects, account managers are always on hand to share tips and tricks, and we have an abundance of knowledgeable colleagues worldwide to learn from.”

Taking the lead on your career

“One of my favourite parts about working at TOPdesk is the freedom that we’re given to really follow what interests us alongside our core role. For example, I helped to lead the UK sales team coordinating a calling week for SEE, an international TOPdesk event! I’ve also become a part of the wellbeing team and helped to create a UK energising week.

We have the responsibility to find what works for us and take a lead on the direction our career moves in. In the BDE role, we can research new strategies to help with calls and are encouraged to find new tools that will assist in prospecting and nurturing leads.

Every opinion, no matter the job role and how long you have been at TOPdesk, counts. It really feels like your suggestion is taken on board and listened to, so you know that you have made a difference.”

By Tehannah Cradock