Found your dream job! What happens next?

Discover in 5 steps if TOPdesk is the right destination for you.

You apply

Send us your CV and cover letter. After we’ve received your application, we’ll let you know within 2 weeks whether you're invited to a first round interview.

We meet

During the first interview, we'll tell you more about TOPdesk and you'll tell us more about yourself. The goal? To see if we’re a match.

We meet again

Is there a match? Then we’ll plan a second interview. We will tell you more about the role, the required skills and for some vacancies ask you to prepare a presentation.

You get a contract proposal

Are we both enthusiastic? Then we’ll plan a contract meeting as soon as possible.

Welcome to TOPdesk

After you’ve signed the contract, we'll pick a date for your first work day. You’re ready to start your career at TOPdesk!