Found your ideal job?

Below you can read about our application process.



Send your CV and motivation letter to Once we have received your resume and your application is successful, we will get back to you as quickly as possible to invite you for a first round interview.


Getting acquainted

During the first interview, you get the chance to tell us more about yourself and your skill set. We will give you an insight into the working culture of TOPdesk and our business processes.


Second Interview

If you are successful in the first interview, we will invite you for a second-round interview. This interview will focus on the position specifics and required competencies. For all vacancies (excluding the Lead Generation role) we will ask you to do a presentation on a topic of your choice.


Welcome to TOPdesk

Should you be successful in both the first and second round interviews, you’ll be invited to attend a contract meeting whereupon receipt of your signature we welcome you to TOPdesk and identify your start date. would love to have you sign your contract in the final contract meeting.