Celebrating Women in Tech

Here at TOPdesk UK, we have a very diverse workforce. Our culture encourages equal opportunities for everybody, regardless of gender, but we realise that this isn’t always the case across the wider IT and technology industry.

Only 35% of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) students in higher education in the UK are women. In the technology industry itself, the effect of a shortfall female STEM students has contributed to only 5% of leadership positions being held by women.

Unique to the IT and technology industries, over 50% of our workforce at TOPdesk UK are women! This is something we’re very, very proud of.


Talking loudly and proudly!

Service Management Consultant at TOPdesk, Hannah, is passionate about helping women succeed in tech. She sat down with Scarlett Bayes, from The Service Desk Institute Podcast, to talk about her experiences working in an industry typically dominated by men.

The pair discussed; advice for women wanting to break into the industry, what inspires them personally to continue pushing the boundaries, and what the future holds for women in tech.

Listen to the full podcast:

At TOPdesk it’s different

The TOPdesk group across the globe benefits from an array of talented women in numerous leadership and key decision-making roles. As you can imagine, for International Women’s Day 2020 we wanted to celebrate the brilliant women of TOPdesk and find out their thoughts about being a woman in tech! Take a look at our LinkedIn:

A collaboration by Hannah Price and Beth Collinson

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