Our people, our guides

You may have heard of our tagline: Guides to service excellence. But what does it mean?

To answer this question, we created this video. It shows a little bit of who we are. What we strive towards. And how we help our customers achieve service excellence.

At TOPdesk we’re friendly, yet professional, and we strongly believe in working together. But what makes us stand out from the rest? Our people, our guides! They’re the beating heart of this organisation. Using our expertise, we enable you to become even better at helping your customers. With more than 700 of us, all over the world, we are guiding customers towards service excellence.

We do this in close collaboration. Not just with our customers, but also together as colleagues. We thrive in a team that works, learns, and grows together. We’re ambitious, inquisitive, and inspire each other to take initiative and try new paths.