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Fringe benefits: Perks of the Job

What do you look for when you’re hunting for a new job? Obviously, salary is important. But it’s not everything, right? Fringe benefits play a big role in the total package an employer can offer you. What are those benefits at TOPdesk? This blog takes you through the TOPdesk perks of the job.

Personal development

When you start working at TOPdesk, you’ll be assigned a personal “talent lead”. A “talent lead”? Yep. Your talent lead acts a sounding board with whom you can discuss your career path and opportunities for growth at TOPdesk. An internal coach who checks in with you every week to see how you’re doing, who sets personal goals with you and supports you in your professional development. You have the freedom to map out your own path and grow at TOPdesk.
Do you need training, books, events or courses to help you on your journey? No problem. We offer financial support as well as coaching. Every year, you can spend €600 on personal development. Would you like to follow a more comprehensive educational programme? That’s possible too. We’ll sit down with you and discuss how TOPdesk can support you and help you fulfil your dreams.

In charge of your own schedule

A working week at TOPdesk is between 32 and 40 hours. Who decides the hours? You have control of the hours of your working week and can make adjustments whenever you want. This ensures that you can maintain a good work-life balance. Are you an early bird or do you prefer to sleep in? Your day starts between 8:00 and 9:30 a.m.

Eight hours later, you close your laptop – because at TOPdesk we don’t believe in overtime! Sometimes, however, you might have to meet a deadline and need to work just that little bit longer. Will you be punished for this? No, of course not! But it’s customary to compensate for these hours the next day by coming in to the office later or leaving earlier.

Would you like to travel to a far distant country? TOPdesk offers you the opportunity to take up extra days off!

Accumulate extra days of holiday leave

Would you like to travel to a far distant country? In addition to the standard 26 days of holiday leave you’re entitled to based on a 40-hour contract, TOPdesk also offers you the opportunity to save up extra days off. How? You can adjust your contract to 90%, for example. On paper, you’ll then have a 36-hour week. If you continue to work a 40-hour week, with each passing week you accumulate four hours to be added to your days of holiday leave.

Like to learn more? Take a look at our employee handbook.
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