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This is International Marketing and Communication at TOPdesk

At TOPdesk, we’re looking for a lot of new colleagues for our International Marketing and Communication (IMC) teams in 2023. Sound interesting? Let’s do some exploring: how is marketing organized at TOPdesk and what goals are we all working towards? We talked to Jan-Bart Bij de Vaate, Naïma Lachhab and Daan Ouwehand.

Hi Jan-Bart, you lead the three IMC teams. What exactly do they do?

Jan-Bart: “I’m responsible for Team Brand Awareness, Team Campaigns and Team Funnel Optimisation & Xperience (FOX). Together, we grow the TOPdesk brand worldwide and motivate IT professionals to work with TOPdesk within their own organization. Our Sales colleagues personally follow up anyone who is interested in our product. We do this in the Netherlands, but we also work closely with the marketing teams at all TOPdesk’s offices abroad.
“At IMC we do everything we can to inspire and inform our target group about IT service management in general and, of course, about our TOPdesk software in particular. To do this, we follow market trends and developments, and delve into target groups and the tactics we can use to capture their attention. For example, using specialized content that we distribute through various channels.”

And you look for new colleagues?

Jan-Bart: “That’s right, in 2023 we want to expand our teams substantially! So, we’re looking for driven online marketers, SEO specialists, content marketers, copywriters and more! Real experts who’ll take our international marketing to the next level. The vacancies are not all online yet, but interested candidates can always send an open application.”

Naïma, you’re a Team Brand Awareness copywriter. What is your team’s role?

Naïma: “The name says it all: my team’s goal is to make potential customers aware of the TOPdesk brand and the values we stand for as a company. Do you know that a message only really sticks after seven contact moments? So, we make sure our message reaches our target audience in different ways: through social media, blogs, YouTube. Last year we launched a big campaign: Switch to Smart.”

TOPdesk Switch to Smart

As a copywriter, what’s your working day like?

Naïma: “Since we work in a multidisciplinary way, I do way more than performing tasks. I also contribute to strategy. For example, our team goals, content marketing and conceptualization, as well as productions. I just went to pick up clothes for a photo shoot we’re having at the office tomorrow!
“When it comes to content strategy, I work a lot with marketers at local offices where there are often smaller teams without a copywriter. I write in English, and we coordinate topics with each other so that we can use as much content as possible internationally. The office in the Netherlands also has its own marketing team that communicates in Dutch.”

What message is your team shooting out to potential customers?

Naïma: “As Team Brand Awareness, we mainly want to be a thought leader. We want to prove that we are a credible player in the field of IT service management, without directly promoting our software. That’s where Team Campaigns takes over from us and that means we need to work closely together.”

TOPdesk Team International Marketing and Communication

Daan, how do you handle this at Team Campaigns?

Daan: “At Team Campaigns, we make sure that our combined efforts lead to conversion in the form of potential customers leaving their contact information. If Naïma writes a blog about the convenience of automation, it’s important that we take that topic further. Like by offering an e-book about automation, which also explains how to do this with the TOPdesk software.

“In addition, we ensure smoothly running always-on campaigns. As an online marketer, I specialize in Google Ads, while my colleague Annemieke van der Meijs focuses on LinkedIn Ads. We do this for TOPdesk in the Netherlands as well as abroad.”

Do you also have a lot of interaction with your colleagues from the third team, Funnel Optimisation & Xperience (Team FOX)?

Daan: “Absolutely, because if we at Campaigns and Brand Awareness don’t generate quality website traffic or leads, Team FOX can’t do their job. Product owner Francien Verdenius’ team provides potential customers with a consistent user experience across different channels so that they will convert and eventually become customers of TOPdesk.

“My fellow marketers in Team FOX provide the common thread that runs through all our marketing initiatives so that we provide specialized content at the right time in the buyer journey. The channels they use for this are the website and marketing automation. This means that Team FOX is also responsible for the UX design of the website so that interested visitors find what they are looking for and ultimately leave behind their details.”

Jan-Bart, to wrap up: what can applicants expect? Where are the biggest challenges for your teams in 2023?

Jan-Bart: “We are constantly working on optimizing the customer journey from the first encounter with TOPdesk to the moment the software is actually purchased. For example, experimenting with new channels and tools, optimizing micro conversions and setting up campaigns. The big goal we are all working towards is generating more brand awareness and strengthening our international position in the world of IT service management.”

Are you eager to use your knowledge and experience to make these goals a reality? Get in touch and start working at IMC. Not yet seen the vacancy you’re looking for? Feel free to contact recruiter Isabel Boekestein on +31 15 270 0900.