What exactly is a customer success manager?

A customer success manager is a customer relations manager 2.0. As a customer success manager, you take over from a business development manager when a new customer purchases TOPdesk. The customer and business development manager have already discussed the challenges and expectations in the preliminary phase. Now it’s up to you to flesh these out in more detail. Together with the customer, you will also need to look at their maturity level and take steps to improve their services.

Where will you land?

Customer success managers can be part of either the inside sales team or the field-based one. To move up from inside to the field, you need to do a test demo. After all, you need to know how the software works if you’re going to give customer-specific advice on its use. As soon as you’ve passed your test demo, you can request a lease car and hit the road!

Collaborating with your sector team

You and your sector group have a clear goal in mind as to how to help your customers improve their services. You’re familiar with the areas of expertise of the consultants in your team and you can spot the opportunities new customers have to improve their processes. Together with your customer, you draw up an annual plan to work towards improvement in a targeted way. You also schedule quarterly meetings to keep an eye on whether you and the customer are still on the right track.

You could say you’re the voice of the customer within TOPdesk, and the other way round for the customer. You’re constantly busy with developments involving the services of various customers that are at different maturity levels. You’ll develop as a specialist and discuss your ambitions with your talent lead. Would you like to learn more about the business unit in which you work? Or attend a conference to test your skills? You have access to TOPdesk’s training budget to help you grow in your profession.

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