5 tips to prepare for your virtual job interview

A virtual job interview. That’s something completely different! Of course, you always need a bit of preparation for a job interview at our office, but the virtual version requires a bit more thought. By now, at TOPdesk we’ve gained quite some experience with virtual interviews and we’d like to share our five favourite tips with you. So that we can get to know each other really well – even via Zoom/Teams!

1. Test your equipment

Are your webcam, speakers, microphone and internet connection working? What about the software? There might be a problem with one (or more) of these things. We understand that fully. But checking your equipment in advance takes the pressure off and reassures you that everything will run smoothly. Have a friend call you to test things beforehand. Remember to ask if they can see and hear you clearly!

2. Create quiet surroundings with no distractions

Close any other tabs on your PC so that you’re less likely to be distracted. Ensure your surroundings are quiet – you want your call to be undisturbed! Make sure you feel that you can talk freely and that you won’t be distracted by someone walking into view. We’ve all seen that video!

At TOPdesk, we love seeing your home, garden or room. In fact, we find personal touches in the background really interesting. A picture you painted yourself? A treasured souvenir? Cool! But, as you can imagine, seeing your dirty laundry could well be a bit too much of a good thing…

3. Put yourself in view

Given that it’s harder to pick up non-verbal cues remotely, it’s important that you put yourself properly in view. So make sure that your upper body is clearly visible on your webcam. Also remember to look at the camera. It probably feels a bit strange, but it allows us to make closer contact with each other. A good thing for everyone!

4. Prepare yourself as usual

Preparing often starts with thinking up examples and questions. This is still helpful in the virtual world because the job interview won’t be all that different from usual. After that, you might think about your outfit and how you want to present yourself. This means you should act exactly as you would if the job interview were in “real life”. A quick change from pyjama bottoms to normal ones is not only convenient if you have to get up to grab something, but it also makes you feel more like you’re actually applying for a job!

5. Be yourself and be open!

We understand full well that a virtual job interview can be a bit weird and awkward. And that it has some limitations. Tell us if it’s hard to hear us and if you’re taking notes. Sharing something with us means we can take it into account. Also let us know if this type of job interview doesn’t work for you. We’ll come up with an alternative!
We hope these tips will help you prepare for your virtual interview. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Otherwise – see you (and hear you) soon!

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