Dive into the lives of TOPdeskers

A typical TOPdesker is friendly, open, ambitious, entrepreneurial and helpful to others. What’s the best way to get to know us? Through our series of podcasts, in which we delve deeper into the lives of three TOPdesk colleagues. Ben, Boroka and Nick talk about their hobbies outside work, about what they used to want to be and, most importantly, what they have learned. They also discuss how COVID-19 has affected their lives. Curious? Unravel all their secrets in just twenty minutes!

Listen to Ben, a consultant in Toronto

Or to Boroka, a product owner in Budapest

Or to Nick, head of recruitment in Delft

Every year, TOPdesk organizes an International Week. The 2020 edition was held online, which made the creation of these podcasts essential. They were initially recorded for internal use, but since they’re so much fun, we don’t want to keep them from you.

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