The Ultimate Job Application Checklist!

Have you found a vacancy that’s got you jumping for joy? Then you want your application to be perfect, right? No worries: we’ve got the ultimate Job Application Checklist for you right here!

1. Ask the right question, get the right answer

Am I a good fit for the company? No, no. It should be: “Is the company a good fit for me?” While wading through masses of job vacancies, you probably encounter the following questions over and over again: “Are you a good fit for X?” or “Are you the new X?” And although cheerful blogs, interesting videos or inspiring interviews give you some idea of the company where you’re going to apply and whether you fit in, the more important question is if the company suits you! How can you find out? Prepare questions for yourself that give you more insight into topics that are important to you: what are my hobbies? What do I look forward to at the end of the week? What’s important to me in terms of social responsibility? Then, during your interview, ask how the company where you’re applying deals with these topics. Do the answers tell a tale that makes you happy? Then you’ve found a match!

2. Get to know the product

Do you want to work as a consultant? Do you enjoy finding solutions for customers? Are you a forward-thinking marketer? In no time, you’re likely to find roles that match your ambitions. But will you be creating, finding or selling something that makes you happy? Familiarize yourself with what the company actually does. Because apart from a pleasing company culture, you may also want your role and product to be useful in the larger world. Download a demo about the product, meet future colleagues and ask them about their daily activities down to the smallest detail. Watch vlogs and sign up for a webinar. So that you can proudly announce at a party that you are now, for example, a chic business development manager for this awesome sales page at a cool company!

3. Check for the hidden tips!

You know what we mean, those cheerful, enthusiastic job ads that immediately make you eager to work for a company. You’ve updated your CV for sending and your cover letter is almost ready. Before you click “Send”, check the job ad once more. Nine times out of ten it will contain very specific tips to increase your chances of getting a job interview: important soft skills, specific competencies, special corporate culture beliefs, or even the composition of a team. Try to include such details in your cover letter. This will make it easier for you to argue that you are perfect for the role! In addition, prepare clear, unambiguous examples so you can express yourself fluently in the interview. This will make it a lot easier for you to make a good impression, and it’s great fun for recruiters to chat to someone sitting across from them who’s fully prepared and confident.

4. Call a recruiter

Is being well prepared your thing? Would you like to know all the ins and outs of a company before you send a job application letter? Do you like to let people know right away that you’re interested in the role they have open? Just give a recruiter a call! In general, recruiters love to talk to people and they enjoy chatting about the company that is looking for new people. What’s more, they’re also always looking for the right information to attract the right people, so your questions are a welcome addition. With a simple phone call, you help not only yourself but the recruiter too. Who doesn’t want to be part of a win-win situation?

5. Check your CV and cover letter one more time

Of course, you can read up on the job interview method of a company beforehand. Or, you can ask the recruiter you spoke to in Tip 4 what your interview will be like. In addition, remember to go through your CV and cover letter again. Think about what kind of questions could be asked based on your own story. Did you write about your skills as a team player? Think of a good example that highlights them. Apart from the fact that a company is often looking for certain competencies in you, they’re mainly interested in your personal experience and the competencies you specifically mention in your cover letter. Does your CV lack a common thread? Have you had all kinds of very different cool side jobs or made huge career switches? That doesn’t have to be a problem if you’re prepared to answer questions about it! As long as you can explain and substantiate why you made certain choices, it’ll be all the more interesting to sit down with you.

6. And last, but definitely not least: Be yourself!

The best impression you can make is an impression of yourself! While you may love a certain role, no job is worth not being able to be yourself. Honesty is the best policy, not only towards the company where you’re applying, but more specifically towards yourself. Landing your dream job at a great company and being able to be completely yourself? That’s the goal! In addition, an artificial version of yourself will always show cracks in a job interview, or perhaps later in your career. That’s such a shame! Why? Because you’re completely okay as a person and colleague, and absolutely fine for the role you want to fulfil! All that’s then left is to find an honest match and you will – with no trouble at all!

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