Helping people is in TOPdesk’s DNA

Helping people is in the DNA of TOPdesk. For example, it’s at the core of our six-word story: helping people, enabling opportunities, elevating lives. How do we help people? First of all, with our software of course, and the services we provide, but to us, helping people means more than satisfied customers or profit. We also want to contribute in our own way to society, and where that’s concerned, we’re doing pretty well!

Corporate social responsibility

Over the last few years, our employees have taken part in lots of fantastic, inspiring CSR activities. For example, they’ve enthusiastically taken part in various running events, such as Ladiesrun Rotterdam, the City-Pier-City Run, and the ‘10 of Noordwijk’ – popular events that raise money for charity.
TOPdesk also took part in a local event organized by Torenhove, the building that our office used to be in, when we ran up 22 flights of stairs to raise money for Spieren voor Spieren, a foundation for children with muscular diseases.

In addition, in November every year, we see the craziest moustaches that we grow for the Movember Foundation. In 2019, our colleagues collected more money than any other organization in the Netherlands.
As well as these great events, we also work on CSR in the office. For example, we purchase fruit baskets from Fruitful Office, which plants a fruit tree in Malawi for every basket sold. In this way, we provide a healthy snack for our employees, assist local communities, and help prevent deforestation, all in one!

Room for initiatives

As an organization, we believe in social responsibility. However, we don’t feel this should be yet another target that is thought up in the boardroom. At TOPdesk, we believe it’s important to give each other the room to make our own decisions, so that everyone can contribute to the further growth of our company in their own way.
Our employees are free to come up with their own CSR initiatives, and receive all the support they need. Has someone got a good idea, or seen something that we could improve? They have the room to do that.
The result is that CSR is sustainably embedded in our organization, and that we know we will not forget about it. We believe – and can see – that this is a much more effective way of doing things than making CSR a target to be met.

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