TOPdesk Development: continuously developing

What’s your thing? Being a mentor to junior developers in terms of technical know-how? Or a strategist who can’t wait to develop and define the vision for an entire product? Specializing in new features or groundbreaking new technologies? What journey of discovery will you embark on within TOPdesk Development? In what direction do you want to grow?

“Growth is a personal journey that involves combining ambitions, skills and interests with the challenges of the product, the department and the company. This combination means that you have increasingly more influence on where the product, the department – and even the company – are going,” explains Arvind Ganga, a seasoned team leader at TOPdesk Development. At TOPdesk, personal and professional development is key. How does that work in practice? “Everyone can go in any direction, and you can look for the personal combination of different directions that suits you well, and fits in with what TOPdesk needs. We don’t have any predefined career paths and very few job titles. So there’s no need to choose a set path to follow. “In fact, you’ll make the most effective growth if you take steps, to some extent, in every direction.” Curious about what your future steps might be?

Technical specialization

Constantly honing your technical skills is very satisfying and helps you create better and better solutions. Technical advances happen so quickly that you never stop learning. TOPdesk’s guilds bring developers together to discuss specific topics, enabling them to gain knowledge, share experiences and explore new directions. Here are just a few of the guilds we have at TOPdesk: the Accessibility Guild, Front-End Guild and Security Guild. In general, you can take part in one of these guilds on a weekly basis (similar to Monkeying Around Time, where you can also specialize, by the way). If you choose to deepen your knowledge through guilds and can articulate the importance of your role, you’ll have a full-time guild career ahead of you.

Growth is a personal journey that involves combining ambitions, skills and interests with the challenges of the product, the department and the company.

Arvind Ganga

Strategic mastermind

Another logical step? Grow into a Product Owner or take a step towards the Product Management Team. You’ll learn more about functionalities instead of diving deeper into the technology. Why choose this direction? Together with your fellow POs and PMs, you decide how the product will develop. In addition, of course, you’ll come up with an inspiring game plan for realizing that vision.

Process expert

You can immerse yourself in different process expert roles! For example, that of Agile Coach or a specialization to become a Scrum Master. What team will you then lead? That’s actually up to you. Scrumming is not limited to TOPdesk’s development teams; other departments have also adopted agile working methods. The challenges you’ll face as a future process expert don’t necessarily stop at Development – you can move on to all kinds of different branches of the organization.

Talent lead

Finally, you can support your colleagues as a talent lead. In that role, you’re responsible for their growth and development. They might be veterans in the business or new colleagues just starting out. How do you become good at that? HR and the Talent Lead Guild offer professional training to all talent leads. During this training, you’ll work on your personal development and professional knowledge. On top of that, you’ll be prepped to become a fantastic coach.

Your own path

Do you see yourself following a different growth path? Do your ambitions go beyond the options above? Don’t worry. The sky’s the limit! The most important thing is that your path suits you. That’s how you’ll ultimately achieve the best success you can. Curious about your next step? Check out our vacancies!

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