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Who we're looking for

TOPdesk is looking for entrepreneurial, university graduates and new professionals who are passionate about our areas of expertise. Our organization also offers plenty of opportunities for students. TOPdesk people are energetic and innovative, helping our clients to develop and achieve their business goals. We are interested in passionate and motivated people that strive to be successful. We are open to everyone’s ideas: decisiveness and perseverance are what matters, not hierarchy.


Start your career at TOPdesk

You are a university graduate with broad interests and strong analytic capabilities. We expect our starters to have a lot of enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, and a fresh perspective.

You are looking for a challenging starter position, an environment where you can discover your talents and collaborate with smart colleagues. You enjoy challenging training periods: you want to learn a lot and discover how versatile TOPdesk is. You appreciate the trust placed in you and want to contribute as quickly as possible using your new knowledge and experience.

Sietse Sietse, Support
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New professionals

Already have some work experience?

You already have a number of years of relevant post-graduation work experience. This gives you a large frame of reference, but it also means that you know what you want and what your talents are. We expect our young professionals to be able to get off to a quick start with complex tasks and use their knowledge and experience to inspire our starters.

You are looking for a challenging job that will add extra depth to your career. You want to have a say in how you develop and in what. You think it is inspiring to further define your specialism with the aid of your colleagues. You are looking for a future-proof employer who encourages a good work-life balance.

Mark Mark, Development
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A challenging part-time job or graduation assignment

You are a university student, learn quickly and have many interests. Students who really stand out for us are interested in computers and programming, or have a talent for customer-oriented work and are interested in the puzzles we encounter in the field of service management. We expect students to have a strong sense of responsibility and the ability to successfully combine studying and working.

You want to gain experience in a technical environment alongside your studies. You also require flexibility. Everyone here has studied, so we understand how important flexibility is for you. This is why TOPdesk offers you the possibility to determine your hours.

Lotte, Consultancy
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