Applying Employment conditions

What can TOPdesk offer you?

The London and Manchester offices support our local customers and are responsible for software sales, consultancy and customer satisfaction. The offices are growing rapidly and we want you to grow with us. TOPdesk offers extensive training and a strong platform for you to develop both personally and professionally in a friendly and social environment. We are looking for flexible, versatile people to take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

 Terms of employment

Terms of employment

Salary and rewards

We pride ourselves on our remuneration package. At TOPdesk, we have a transparent salary system, granting insight into both your career path and how your wages will develop. Your initial salary is determined by your highest obtained degree and any work experience you may have.

Training and advancement

We actively encourage our employees to continue their personal development. During your first months, you will follow a specialised training plan for your specific role in our HQ in Delft, the Netherlands. When we have internal vacancies, we actively encourage employees to apply for these if they so wish and you always have the opportunity to get involved in cross-departmental related projects.

A work week that works for you

Everyone wants a good work-life balance, and we help you achieve it with plenty of flexibility. Examples of this are flexible working hours, buying extra vacation days, and the option of working a variable number of hours per week. Here at TOPdesk we don’t believe in overtime culture: we work eight hours a day, and that’s the bedrock on which your contract is built.

Holiday allowance and days off

TOPdesk’s full-time employees receive 26 paid days off a year, plus bank holidays.


TOPdesk has a collective pension plan for all employees. We pay two-thirds of the premium, you pay the rest. The premiums are deposited into your retirement fund which is entirely under your control: you determine whether to save, invest, or have the pension provider invest for you. We also have an excellent private healthcare plan that you can opt-in to if you so wish.

Exertion and relaxation

It’s always good to do something different now and then. That’s why we offer relaxation opportunities both during and outside working hours: colleagues fight for supremacy around the foosball table every day. What’s more, we end every week by sticking to the tradition of a ‘borrel’ that entails Friday snacks and drinks.