Product Manager (for Enabling Layer)

  • 40
  • 1.200.000 - 1.900.000 HUF
  • Budapest

About the Enabling Layer

The Enabling Layer exists to cover cross-cutting concerns throughout the Product & Development domain. Our goal within the layer is to increase developer effectiveness within the domain and improve the consistency of the product. Our main customers are other development teams, but many of our products also directly influence TOPdesk customers.

Current domains in the Enabling layer include Persistence, Search, Modern UX, Identity & Access Management and Reporting. There are a number of domains that fall within the responsibility of the Enabling layer that are currently not being worked on. These include Usage Metrics & Communication Standards for Services.

What will you do?

You play a vital and visible role as the leader of your layer and the value it aims to deliver to our customers. Therefore, it is an important high-visibility, high responsibility role.

In your role as Product Manager you:

  • Define the strategic product vision for the domains in the layer
  • Coordinate this strategy with other Product Managers to optimally support the company goals together
  • Monitor customer experience and business results affected by the layer, and adjust plans accordingly

You also take the leadership on a tactical level. This involves establishing domain goals, ensuring that teams understand your strategic vision, and creating transparency for stakeholders. You also actively coach Product Owners in understanding how their products maximize value for the entire layer.

You will work closely together with

  • Product Managers, to align overall product direction
  • Team Coordinator and Layer Agile Coach(es) to achieve the goals of the layer
  • The Product Owners and their teams within the cell to get their expertise and to coordinate their activities

We expect you to play a leading role to make these different contributions strengthen each other.

How we recognize a great Product Manager

We look for leadership qualities, the ability to bring people together and connect with the other layers, guilds and the company.  We like to see the ability to bring data, information and existing visions and ideas together in a coherent direction and vision. This role requires strong communication and prioritization skills. Due to the number of domains in the Enabling layer, you need to be able to keep an overview of what is going on within the layer and dependencies within other layers. You need to be comfortable in navigating complex problems and dealing with uncertainty.

An ideal candidate has the following characteristics:

  • Ability to clearly express the connections between larger business goals and the domains in the layer
  • Demonstrated, strong leadership skills
  • Driven to create measurable success at customers
  • Coaching skills for POs with different levels of seniority
  • International outlook and perspective
  • Builder of bridges, team player
  • Strong communication skills that cross country borders
  • Has an agile mindset

What can you expect from us?

  • A challenging job managing complex matters and business questions
  • Direct influence on the basics of our product
  • Independent job with a lot of responsibility

TOPdesk as an organization

TOPdesk is an international Software and Consultancy company for Service Management processes. TOPdesk Magyarország Kft. is located in a modern, cozy office in the heart of Budapest, next to Fővám tér. We develop a single standardized web application. Because our application is standardized, we have a strong focus on the quality and usability of our product.

We work closely with our colleagues in TOPdesk’s Dutch and German branches. We keep daily contact via video conferences, and often we do our own exchange programs. You can visit external conferences every year, which are relevant to your work. TOPdesk also organizes its own conferences (e.g. International Development Meeting), where you have the opportunity to meet your foreign colleagues.


Questions about this vacancy? Contact Zsófi Aracsi via [email protected]

If you would like to apply for the position, please submit your CV and motivational letter via the application form below and mark your salary request in the field Remarks.

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