From Norway to Australia, the worldwide TOPdesk-vibe

We have grown considerably in recent years and there are now TOPdesk offices in 11 different countries, with over 800 colleagues! So how do we maintain the typical TOPdesk culture, when we have so many colleagues and are so widespread? Because of our famous 3Vs: freedom, trust, and responsibility. Plus, a lot of fun. Wondering what that looks like? Read more about how our different offices are unique and yet the same.

New offices, colorful environment

TOPdesk‘s headquarters is located in Delft, the Netherlands. Upon entering, you can imagine yourself in a creative, and colorful environment (full of post-its, wall drawings, and cheerful posters). TOPdesk’s graphics and illustrations are a common thread throughout the building. This thread is also reflected in the brand-new Antwerp office, located between the green Belgian parks. Norway also has a brand-new office, where you find yourself in a kind of futuristic space environment. With beautiful windows and huge open spaces, you have a quiet working environment to spend your days. In Canada, they work in a unique building. Located next to the beautiful Lake Ontario you can admire the CN Tower throughout the day…

Roof terraces and Friday afternoon drinks (borrel!)

But it’s not just the insides of the TOPdesk offices that are inspiring. The roof terraces are also the apple of most offices’ eyes. In London and the Netherlands, we like to take the time to enjoy the sunshine. Australia also likes to enjoy a beer on the roof terrace of the office every other week. How do they celebrate the end of the week? With Friday afternoon drinks of course. A typical Dutch custom that flies all over the world.

Canada and The United States don’t need to be persuaded to party. In Hungary, a collective organisation update is unpacked before they hoist themselves into special suits for the ‘Fancy Dress Parties’. Themed parties are an integral part of the TOPdesk culture. Newbie get-togethers are regularly organised by new colleagues and the Belgian and Dutch colleagues like to travel to each other’s offices to have a party.


Game Rooms and massage chairs

In addition to the drinks, we also look for time to relax during working hours. Just like in the Dutch office, every TOPdesk office in the world has a sacred sport: table football. During international events, sleeves are rolled up for true matches between the offices. In Hungary, they even organise a table football championship each year. Some of our offices also have Wii, Mario Kart and PlayStations!. Luckily, there are also relaxing massage chairs that take the tension off every now and then.

In addition to the consoles, there are also plenty of creative minds who develop their own games. In the Danish office, for example, the ‘Friday Ball Event’ is invariably played. How does that work? In the office kitchen, three dustbins are placed next to each other. Each participant is three meters away from a dustbin and gets five balls. You win when you have thrown all the balls in your dustbin. Does this sound easy? Not so fast! There are some rules. You accidentally hit another bucket? Extra ball. That ball equals five push-ups. Now the question is: is this game incredibly difficult, or can’t Danes throw?

Tournaments, matches and Esports

Competition, enterprising spirit and enthusiasm are part of TOPdesk’s DNA. Whether it’s running contests in the Port of Rotterdam with a small team or with the entire organisation at the Phanteon during a summer party… TOPdeskers love a challenge! In Denmark, they have quizzes, mountain bike rides and tennis. Whereas in Norway a collective yoga hour heralds the Friday afternoon drink. English colleagues from London and Manchester come together for the legendary Great Manchester Run, raising money for charity. Original pub sports? Darts is a big favorite in Antwerp and Charleroi. Adventure in the bolder hall? In Germany and the Netherlands, colleagues regularly go up the wall together. But, also, football is of course a favorite in Germany, Brazil, and England, teams get together and stand on freshly cut grass for glory (also in 30 degrees Brazilian sun)! In the Netherlands, a field hockey team is playing the stars of the sky every two to three weeks.

Besides the classic sports, TOPdesk wouldn’t be a software company if there wasn’t an Esports movement. How cool is it that international colleagues can easily keep up with each other in virtual games? And that this is also regularly organised to play together with students? TOPdesk sponsors the Esports Game Arena, the future of sports!


Health days and smoothies

All those TOPdesk athletes love a party! But at the same time, the Health Days (or Weeks) are also very popular. In Germany, twice a year a special week is organised where posture analysis, nutritional advice, and all-day smoothies are central. In the Netherlands ‘The Week of Work Stress’ is organised. Colleagues come en masse on their bikes, get massages and tips for relaxation during busy (work) days. Why? Because healthy colleagues are happy colleagues!

Lunch grill in Germany and Brazilian chefs

And happy TOPdesk colleagues love food! Have you already read about the legendary TOPdesk lunch? Every office has a unique variation on it. But it’s an experience nonetheless! If you are a real grill fan, then you really should visit Germany. With bright sunshine, the barbecue will be launched around noon without a pardon! Also, in Brazil, on the 24th floor, the brand-new kitchen of the Brazilian office prepares gourmet delights such as Brigadeiros or at lunch, they take a detour to the burger bar around the corner.
In addition to baking and roasting for ourselves, TOPdesk colleagues are also known for their patisserie skills and putting them to good use. For example, the British offices are unpacking their aprons for the Macmillan Coffee Morning and cords in the Netherlands for the Movember Bake-Off.

An international breakfast!

Eating together is not only for the afternoon and evening hours. Don’t we ever get enough of each other? Every Friday the developers from the Netherlands, Hungary, and Germany breakfast together for a weekly catch-up. In Brazil, colleagues start the day together with beautiful food and a beautiful view, and in England, the London and Manchester offices sit at the breakfast table for Pancake Day!

Wanna join?

Although every office has its own way of working, it’s always cool to find out what’s the theme throughout TOPdesk! Cooking, eating, sports, parties, and lots of room for creative new ideas. Can you imagine getting to know all the unique TOPdesk colleagues during the international week? Then take a look at our vacancies!

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