About TOPdesk Branches

TOPdesk branches

TOPdesk is very successful in the Netherlands, but we also like to look beyond Dutch borders. We actively search for new challenges overseas to further our growth and development. As a result, we have become a large international company: we recently opened our tenth branch, and the growth continues. We currently have over 600 employees worldwide and service customers in over 45 countries. Read on to learn more about our branches.

About TOPdesk

TOPdesk Canada Inc.

TOPdesk Canada opened its doors in 2015. Located in the Greater Toronto Area, the Canadian office works with customers from all over Canada. They are focused on Sales and Consultancy.

  • Sales,
  • Consultancy

TOPdesk Belgium

The Belgian office opened in August 2007 in Antwerp. They focus on both the Flemish and Walloon market, as well as our customers in France. This branch features a Sales and Consultancy department.

Departments: Sales, Consultancy

TOPdesk Brazil

Our Brazilian branch was founded in February 2013. TOPdesk Brazil is successfully conquering the local market from its office in São Paulo, the economic heart of the country. The Sales and Consultancy teams focus on the São Paulo region, but never pass up a chance to meet customer demand throughout the rest of Brazil.

Departments: Sales, Consultancy

TOPdesk Denmark A/S

TOPdesk Denmark is the result of a 2011 takeover of one of our partners, Aventor, a Danish software company. Their offices are in Copenhagen.

Departments: Sales, Consultancy, Support

TOPdesk Germany GmbH

The summer of 2004 saw the opening of TOPdesk Germany in Kaiserslautern. Starting off with just a Development department, the German branch soon expanded with Sales, Support, and Consultancy departments. TOPdesk Germany also supports a large section of the Swiss market.

Departments: Development, Sales, Consultancy, Support

TOPdesk Hungary Kft.

On 1 April 2009 TOPdesk Hungary started with a Development department. Since then they have added a Sales and Consultancy department. They are busy conquering the Hungarian market from their base in Budapest.

Departments: Development, Sales, Consultancy

TOPdesk Netherlands BV

In 1993, entrepreneurial students Frank Droogsma and Wolter Smit started writing the software that would later be known as TOPdesk. TOPdesk the organization quickly became the Dutch market leader. The headquarters are stationed in Delft.

Departments: Development, Communications, Sales, Consultancy, Staff

TOPdesk UK limited

TOPdesk UK was founded at the end of 2005 in the heart of London, a stone’s throw from the financial district. The branch has a strong focus on Sales and Consultancy, and supports both the local market and the entire Commonwealth, with customers from Kazakhstan to the US.

Departments: Sales, Consultancy

TOPdesk USA Inc.

In January 2015 TOPdesk took its first steps in the American market. Two of our pioneers founded TOPdesk USA and are working to conquer the market from their office in Orlando, Florida.

Departments: Sales, Conultancy, Support